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Civil Engineering
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There is currently a course in Civil Engineering at the Slovak Techincal University in Bratislava.

Slovakia is in central Europe.
It is a European country bordering the Czech Republic and Austria. Bratislava is about half an hour by car from Vienna. Its airport has several international flights a day, but it is also served by air by Vienna.
It is a beautiful city which crosses the Danube, with a beautiful historical center, where the castle of Charles is situated.
Bratislava has modern buildings, large shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, clubs and offers accommodation equivalent to other central European cities.

The School of Civil Engineering University (Technical University) in Bratislava is the largest engineering school in Slovakia.
During its 70 years of existence, more than 28,000 students have graduated and 950 have earned their doctoral degrees from the School. The School of Civil Engineering has 295 university professors and 22 departments. Currently 3,000 students are studying at the University.

The University operates a system of credits. During the first three years the student must obtain 180 credits and get the Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, completing a first cycle of studies. During the second cycle, which lasts another two years, the student obtains 120 credits and is awarded the Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

The Slovak Technical University has an english speaking department for European and international students.

The tuition fees are 5000 Euro per year.

Initially the candidates’ supporting documents must be accepted and during a second phase candidates take part in entrance examinations conducted in September in Bratislava.