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The National Sports Academy "King Levski" in Sofia was established in 1942.
The program in Kinesiotherapy / Physiotherapy started in 1947 and has successfully trained professionals for 50 consecutive years.

Studying for a Physiotherapy / Kinesiotherapy degree takes four years. Bulgaria is among the first countries in the world that established a four-year curriculum in Physiotherapy.

The program is offered in the Bulgarian language, as it is necessary to have personal contact with the patient during the course of the studies. Candidates are thus required to attend a nine-month Bulgarian language course at the University.

After completion of the language course, the candidate enters the four-year curriculum.

Tuition fees are 3000 euros per year.

However, if the student achieves high scores during his studies, the University tuition fees are then limited to 500 per year.

The courses in Physiotherapy / Kinesiotherapy are divided into five groups:

Courses in Sport and Physical Education

Courses in Biology and Medicine

Electives related to the interests of the student

Topics in physiotherapy and pathology

Practical training in clinics and hospitals, preparing the students for their thesis.

The lecturers are Professors of the Medical Faculty of Sofia University and qualified Physiotherapy teachers.

The School provides the opportunity to continue studying for a Master's degree.

The program consists of core courses and electives.

The school has specialist sports programs available to all students. These programs include all track and field sports as well as other sports: basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, Rugby, Badminton, cricket,, baseball, tennis, wrestling, taekwon-do, karate, judo and sambo, fencing, weight lifting, boxing, bodybuilding, ski, and more.