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About Us

Our College was founded in 1974. We are official representatives of the Universities since 1994 and we have a UCAS recognition code from the United Kingdom since 1994. Our staff is proud for the services we are offering. We have assisted more than 5,000 students, who since then have been awarded diplomas from European Universities. Our experience and dedication to our work will make things simpler and easier for you.
During all these years, our reliability and the unlimited assistance we have been providing to our students through all their years of studies have established us as a very reputable institution for Academic studies.

We undertake registrations in Public European Universities only, as we want to ensure that you will receive a diploma that will be recognised in your country once you return home.

Our headquarters are located in Europe

We are  available to meet you any time it is convenient for you

We also have local representatives, who will help you easily settle and adapt in the new environment and feel immediately at home in the University and the city you have chosen to continue your higher education studies. They will also advise you with everyday issues, such as open a bank account, money transfer, finding permanent accommodation (in case you choose to rent a house outside the University) etc.

Thus, we guarantee that your stay will be a most pleasant, creative and rewarding experience!!

All Medical programs of State Universities of the European Union are accredited by       W.H.O ( World Health Organization)

and the database can be found on the official WHO web site :

All listed Universities are also in the FAIMER list : https://imed.faimer.org

You are welcome to be in touch with us.