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Client Testimonials

When I graduated from High School in Greece I decided to study Medicine in Slovakia, because I had heard that the level of Education was one of the highest in Europe. The first time, I applied directly to the University and I took the entrance exams in Slovakia in June. Unluckily, even though I was a very good student, I failed. This I believe was due to the lack of guidance regarding the syllabus and the educational requirements that the University had, which were slightly different than the syllabus in my country. The following year a friend of mine consulted me that I should seek help and guidance. This friend was already a student at the University. He had entered through the official representative of the University, ‘Universal’. So, I took his advice and I enrolled at this Institution. I easily passed the exams and with the Institution’s guidance throughout the years of my studies in Slovakia, I graduated in six years and now I am a successful professional in my country. I advise you to seek help before you pursue a Medical course in EU.

-George Karras, Greece

I strongly recommend you to enroll with Universal, because we had full support, starting from the day of the application until the day of the enrollment. Universal has Real Estate representatives in Slovakia, who help us find a residence and this makes our lives easier.

-Adem Esmer, Turkey

Bulgaria is a beautiful country and tuition fees are reasonable for overseas students. I would never be able to do it by myself. Having a full-time support from a prestigious and official representative of the University, like Universal, makes studying in EU a unique experience.

-Deepak Mukerji, India

I am a student of Dentistry in Romania. Being an overseas student and having no previous experience with EU, I would find it impossible to work things out by myself. Universal is a reliable Institution in EU that guides you and helps you throughout your studies, from the minute you decide to study abroad till the moment you graduate. Universal is a very good value-for-money service. Thank you for your valuable help!!

-Aziz Lwang, Malaysia