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Medicine in Bulgaria - Sofia - Universal

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Medicine in Bulgaria - Sofia
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u_sofiaIn Bulgaria, there are courses in Medicine in the English language in Sofia, Plovdiv, in Pleven and Varna. The language of instruction is English and since the entrance of Bulgaria into the European Union the degrees are equivalent to the ones obtained in other European countries.


About Sofia

Sofia is located in Bulgaria, in the Balkan region in Eastern Europe. Rent prices are very low for European standards.

The cost of living is low, in contrast to the standard of living is very high. The city has excellent infrastructure and offers students a pleasant stay and diverse entertainment. 
In Sofia you can find a lifestyle that has nothing to envy from the other capitals of Europe.



University of Sofia

Medical University of Sofia
Since 2007-2008, Sofia University has a foreign language department (in English) for the Medical, Dental  and Pharmaceutical School.
The language of instruction is English, and since the entrance of Bulgaria into the European Union the degrees are equivalent to the ones obtained in other European countries.


Medicine in Bulgaria - Sofia 
Dentistry in Bulgaria - Sofia 




The Medical Faculty of Sofia University is the oldest medical school in Bulgaria. The first courses began in April 1918.
Today the School of Medicine has 47 departments and clinics, and about 1300 professors. The level of education is constantly being upgraded and modernized by advanced materials, constantly adjusting to new medical data. So far 35000 doctors have graduated from the University.
Studies in Medicine at the University of Sofia are equivalent to any European university. The University puts an emphasis in research and has partnerships with international research institutions.

Studies in Medicine  : 6 years. 

Studies in Dentistry : 6 years 

The tuition fee is 8000 EUR per year, paid in two installments

Several documents are required for registration.

All documents must be officially translated into the Bulgarian language from the translation department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Universal takes care of the process of translating the documents. After the approval of the documents, prospective students are required to take exams.

Universal has a list of tests that help students prepare for the exams, and these can be sent to students upon request.

Medicine in Bulgaria

Medical University of  Pleven

Pleven Pleven_Medical

The University has an advantage compared to all other Medical Faculties.

The admission of the students is completed in September and the first year starts in February. The applicant has enough time to get prepared for travelling abroad.

We submit the complete file to the University and we secure the entrance. We prepare the acceptance letter to be sent to the Bulgarian Embassy in the country of the applicant and the visa is ready on time.


About Pleven 

Pleven is a City located in the North-West part of  Bulgaria , close to the Capital city of Sofia.

The City Hospital of Pleven founded in 1865 and the Medical University of Pleven  was established in 1974.

It is a State University recognized all over the European Union. The Medical University of Pleven is accredited by WHO ( World Health organization )

Many foreign students prefer to study Medical University of Pleven, because of the low cost of living  and  low tuition fees .

They offer a premedical program for students with not sufficient knowledge of the English language

The University has one of the best centers for robotic-medicine.

Tuition fees :  7000  EUR in two installments

Admission into the  Medical program is based upon competition evaluation of the student file



All Medical programs of State Universities of the European Union are accredited by      
W.H.O ( World Health Organization)
and the database can be found on the official WHO web site :

All listed Universities are also in the FAIMER list : https://imed.faimer.org


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