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Universities in Romania offer high quality education. There are many medical, dental and pharmaceautical faculties in Romania. In most of them there are also English-language sections, apart from Pharmacy, where the state gave permission for the operation of an English-speaking program in 2009.

Bucharest appears in historical documents for the first time in 1459. In 1862 it became the capital of Romania. Since then it is one of the cultural and scientific centers of Europe. The exceptional architecture of the buildings was the reason wht Bucharest was called "Little Paris" during the first half of the 20th century. In recent years there is a huge economic and cultural development in Bucharest. Bucharest has about 2,000,000 inhabitants and it is the largest city in Romania. A famous graduate of the University of Bucharest is Palade, who got the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Some of the most famous and skilled doctors in the world have graduated from the Romanian Universities.

The city of Iasi is one of the oldest cities in Romania, known for its great economic and cultural development during the Middle Ages and the Ottoman rule. Population is about 350,000 inhabitants and it is the second largest city of Romania. Iasi airport has several flights a day and connects to many cities in Europe.
Constanta is a beautiful seaside city on the Black Sea. A city with deep Greek roots since the ancient Greek years, it was originally named Tomis, but during Byzantine times the emperor Constantine gave the city his name. In the southern part of town one of the largest ports in Europe is situated. In the northern part of town you can find the famous "Mamaia," a seven kilometer long beach with a million tourists a year, known as the Riviera of the Black Sea. Further north is the beautiful Danube Delta. In the city there are many large parks and gardens. The city is vibrant, appropriate for young students. Major banks and other global chains such as McDonalds and KFC are present, as well as internationally renowned department stores, libraries, entertainment, exhibition centers, which make the city suitable for a pleasant and comfortable stay. The Medical University of Constanta is the most dynamic medical school in Romania and is chosen by students from all parts of the world.

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