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Medicine in Slovakia - Bratislava - Universal

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Medicine in Slovakia - Bratislava
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Medicine in Slovakia
Dentistry in Slovakia
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Free participation in the entrance exams for Safarik University in Slovakia 
22 June 2016 
22 August 2016 
Our offer is free of charge. for more  information , please, visit :  

Do you agree to apply  to the University through Universal  College and benefit from our offer ? 
In this case please send an email to the University to the following address 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
( which you can also find on the website of the University ( http://www.upjs.sk/en/faculty-of-medicine/applicants/basic-information/contact-us/  ) 

with the statement " My name is ...............and  I will apply to your University through   your contact representative : UNIVERSAL " 

Please inform us and  we  will send you the documents that you should prepare in order to be accepted for the exams and we will provide the data base of the exam questions 
You will be charged only the application fee which you will pay directly to the University 

Safarik University in Kosice 

Kosice is the second largest city of Slovakia and possesses the major airport of the country with many international flights per day. Kosice is a University town with many academic schools.

Pavol Josef Šafárik University was found in 1657 by the Jesuits monks and was established as one of the majors in the region by the Roman Emperor Leopold I in the year 1660. During the 17th and 18th century it greatly influenced the progress of science and the European scientific spirit.

Šafárik has many faculties among which the largest is the Faculty of Medicine which integrates the dentistry section. The Medical school is located at a distance of 15 minutes from the picturesque center of the town, where one can see the famous singing fountain.

The largest hospital of the city is the University Hospital which enjoys international recognition for its research activities and internationally recognized doctors. University is a member of many International Institutions such as the European University Association (EUA).

Faculty of Medicine

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University
Faculty of Medicine
Trieda SNP 1
040 11 Košice, Slovak Republic

The Faculty of Medicine trains physicians and surgeons with broader general medical education, capable of providing professional medical aid and care aimed at preventive aspects of medicine. Vocational training is based on the latest knowledge in medical science and students are given the possibility to achieve the background for scientific activity as well.

Foreign language study and moral ethical aspects in the education of personality are presented in the spirit of the Hippocratic oath and are included in the study.

Students acquire specialized knowledge in theoretical, pre-clinical and clinical subjects through lectures, seminars clerkships, specialized practice and consultations.

The Faculty of Medicine has several significant partners – the Faculty Hospital of L. Pasteur in Košice and six other medical facilities, where the faculty provides students with practice.

As regards organization, the faculty is divided into 57 institutes and clinics, which provide the activity of the faculty professionally.

The students of Medicine do not have to use means of transport for their clinical lessons, as the University hospital is located next to the University building. The University also provides student residencies at a cost of 190 EUR per month, approximately. Renting an apartment at a very reasonable price is also possible.

Annual tuition fee:

General Medicine       10500  EUR
Dentistry                   11000  EUR

Library deposit: 500 EUR

Application Procedure

The applicants must satisfactorily pass the entrance examination in Chemistry and Biology in written form (multiple choices tests). 

The dates of Entrance examination for the current academic year:
- in June 
- in  August 

Place: The entrance examination test can be conducted either in the University premises or at the agent's premises. .

Important Notice: In Kosice is the Veterinary School which also offers undergraduate studies in the English language.

Comenius University in Bratislava 



A few words about Bratislava
Bratislava is situated in the middle of central Europe, only 40 minutes distance from Vienna and less than 1 hour away from Prague. Bratislava is a fabulous city with deep historical roots and civilization. The city expands in both sides of the Danube river and is an important industrial, cultural, educational and scientific center of the region.

Bratislava has all the advantages of a cosmopolitan city with a long history. Slovak people are very friendly and most of them speak English and German at a very good level and are eager and kind when foreigners ask them for information.

There are various activities one can do in Bratislava. Visitors will discover that not only there is something for everyone but also someone for everything. For the lovers of the art and culture the city offers important museums, art galleries, theatres and music halls and excellent opera performances in the Slovak national theatre. There are also plenty of cinemas and night clubs for those who prefer a more intense way of life. Bratislava is the city of the young people who find there a lot of places to spend an entertaining evening. They can taste the beers and wines at beautiful taverns or spend their free time in cozy pubs. There are also restaurants with international kitchen, such as Greek, Italian, Chinese & Japanese. There are also plenty of department stores and shopping malls.

Generally speaking, Bratislava offers to the students all comforts of a modern city, at reasonable prices.

Medical and Dentistry undergraduate studies at Comenius

Comenius University in Bratislava was founded in 1919. It is very close to the historical center of the town and the famous Charles castle. In Bratislava there are plenty of major hospitals where students are trained in the clinical lessons.

Comenius University Medical Faculty offers two main undergraduate study programmes in English: General Medicine and Dentistry. The duration of the studies is 6 years.

The students can be admitted in the programme, after successfully passing the entrance examination test. The test consists of multiple choice questions in Biology and in Chemistry. Examination dates are scheduled during the summer.

Usually there is a deadline for submitting relevant documents together with the application form to the University. Universal, acting as a representative of the University, is accepting applications after the deadline, in case there are still available places.

The following information is from the web site of the University www.fmed.uniba.sk

Since the academic year 2001/2002 the credit system has been introduced that is compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
First to third year's courses provide theoretical and pre-clinical lectures, labs and practical classes, the remainder of the fourth and sixth years include diverse clinical experiences.

Since 1990 the Bratislava Association of Medical Students has been working at the Faculty in the field of international cooperation and scientific information. EuroTransMed satellite equipment has been available since 1995 at the Faculty. It has been of great importance for medical education of both medical students and physicians.

Tuition fees:

General Medicine: 10500 EUR per Academic year
Dentistry: 11000 EUR per Academic year

The students can be admitted in the programme, after successfully passing the entrance examination test. The test consists of multiple choice questions in Biology and in Chemistry.
Examination dates are scheduled during the summer.

Since 2007, the University offers accomodation student halls at reasonable prices.

FACULTY OF PHARMACY AT Comenius  University in Bratislava 

The Faculty of Pharmacy accepts 80-100 undergraduate students per year and a great number among them are international students. The duration of studies is 8 semesters and are conducted in the English language. After the succesful completion of the four year programme, graduates have to practice for 2 semesters at a Pharmacy in Slovakia or in another EU country.

The entrance examination test take place in late August and consist of multiple choice test in Biology and in Chemistry.

Tuition fees: 7500 EUR per year

Degrees from Comenius University are recognised in all EU Countries and the graduates of the University are eligible to continue for a Postgraduate Degree in any European country of their choice.


Because we offer:

  • We submit the application to the University.
  • We are proccessing the applications to the University together with the relavant documents.
  • We are sending the syllabus for the test, sample questions and past papers.
  • We are organising tutorial lessons in person or on line and we are preparing students for the entrance test.
  • We accompany the candidates to the exam room and we guarantee the success of qualified applicants
  • We are taking the acceptance letter and we advice the applicants for the procedure to get the student visa.
  • We are preparing the stay of the students for 2-3 days in a hotel or we book a room in the student hostel. We are waiting the applicants in Bratislava.
  • We help them with the admission procedure and with the arrangment of their stay in the student hostel or in a house in the City.
  • We support the studies and we help them during all years of studies.



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All Medical programs of State Universities of the European Union are accredited by       W.H.O ( World Health Organization)
and the database can be found on the official WHO web site :

All listed Universities are also in the FAIMER list : https://imed.faimer.org