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Our offer - Universal

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How To Apply and get accepted

The application procedure consists of the following steps that you have to complete in order to enroll to the University of your choice.

1. Choose the country, the University and the subject you want to study

2. Complete the application form from our web site: www.universalstudies.eu

3. Our admissions team will look over your qualifications and send a reply to your email immediately.

4. If the reply is positive, you will send to our finance department the deposit

FIRST installment - 500 EUR and we will send you the documents you have to prepare (like High School Diploma, passport , e.t.c.).

5. We will send you a letter with all the steps we  will undertake until your final enrollment at the University.

6. You will send your official documents to our postal address and our International Department will start the procedure. We will travel to the country of your choice and we will get the final acceptance from the University.

7. Some Universities require entrance examinations and some do not. For some Universities we can arrange for entrance exams to be held in your country. Depending on the University we will arrange for you to get the acceptance letter as soon as possible

8. We will send a scanned copy of your acceptance letter to your email address, along with information about where to go in order to get your VISA for the European Union. This will be a student Visa. EU citizens do not need visa.

9. Now you will need to send the SECOND installment of 500 to us. The total amount depends on the service package you chose and the country you are going to. After our Finance Department receives it, we will post the acceptance letter to you or to the Embassy of the country of your future studies in your country. 

10. YOU HAVE THE VISA. You are now ready to travel. We will send you instructions for meeting our representatives abroad. We will have with us the original acceptance letter. You will have with you the THIRD installment. The amount of the third installment depends on the University you have chosen and the initial agreement with us. We will start the procedure for registration to the University. If you want student accommodation we will arrange everything for you. Otherwise we will help you to be in touch with the real estate agents to find a private place to stay.

11. Now you are a University student. We will be there to help you any time you have an enquiry or you need any kind of support.


  • We consider every individual application and we are responsible for sending the correct documentation to the University, so that your application will be processed without delay.
  • We are in direct contact with the admissions office. This means that we are able to trace the status of your application at any time.
  • We provide the necessary support to ensure that you will pass the examinations/admissions tests. We ensure a 100% success.
  • We send the acceptance letter via Courier service to your home address or directly to your country's Embassy, according to our arrangements with you.
  • We provide you with the acceptance letter early enough and assist you with the issue of your student VISA.
  • We meet you at the time you arrive in Europe. We help you with your registration at the University and find permanent accommodation. You have the choice of either to stay at the Halls of Residence at the University or rent a flat in the city at very reasonable prices through our real estate representatives.
  • We undertake the registration process.