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Payment Procedure non-EU applicants - Universal

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Payment Procedure non-EU applicants
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Payment Procedure  non-EU applicants 



            What we offer:
a.       Support in deciding the University. We know which Universities receive many applications, much more than the number of places.
b.      Preparation for the entrance exams , in case the University of your choice needs entrance exams
c.       Hotel  accommodation for two persons for two nights during registration process.
d.      Support during the  registration process
e.       Helping with private accommodation or University accommodationg.
f.    Providing validation  and nostrification of your High School diploma in the Ministry of education. This procedure is obligatory for all European Union         Universities.
g.   Continued  support during your University studies

If you wish to become an applicant of Universal Educational Institute and benefit from our valuable services, you must follow this procedure:

1.    You must first register with Universal  by filling the On-line Application form. You will receive a reply to your  email address in 24 hours.

2.    Once you subscribe with our system, we start working for you. We are sending an official email with  information about the Universities of your choice. Then you should send by bank transfer  the FIRST installment - deposit of 1000  EUR  to initiate the procedure. A receipt will be sent to you in 10 working days. Information about the personal documents you need to prepare will also be sent to you.

3.    A copy of these documents with ORIGINAL APOSTILE or cerified by the relevant Embassy in your country, will have to be scanned  and sent  to us to initiate the application process.

4.    Your documents will be checked by our Admissions Department. You will receive an email notification that your documents are complete and ready to be sent to the University. You will  have to send them by post to us

5.    Now your application has been sent to the University. Some Universities need entrance exams other Universities do not have entrance exams. If you have to sit for entrance examination, we will prepare you with  past papers and online tutorial lessons. There is no standard examination process. Every University has a different policy, which we know very well.

6.    We guarantee 100% success, depending on the University. 

The SECOND   instalment -1000 EUR - should be paid  at the latest one week after   the entrance exams or one  week after  successful application ( in case the University does not need entrance exams) . In case of unsuccessful application   WE REFUND THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU HAVE PAID UNTIL THAT TIME TO US .

7.              The acceptance letter from the University will be sent to you or to the Embassy in your country. The process of the visa issue is initiated. Once your visa is issued you are ready to prepare your final trip to Europe. EU students do not need Visa.

8.    It is time to for us to help you with your accommodation. It is our obligation to try to find accommodation for you in a student hostel or in private furnished apartments.

9.    Finally we are ready to register YOU at the University. You have to be there personally for registration to sign all relevant University documents and start your studies. 

We will do our best to help you with the visa arrangements 
In case the student is denied the VISA from his country of residency to  the country he wishes to study ,  the deposit of 1000 EUR will no be refunded