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The School of Architecture of the Technical University in Bratislava is one of the largest educational institutions in Slovakia. The primary aim of the school is the constant renewal of its educational program in accordance with the developments and trends in the field of university education.

Graduates of the School have distinguished themselves as architects, not only in the European Union but also worldwide. The school prepares future architects and town planners in a highly creative environment. Particular emphasis is given to subjects of Art and Art History and a variety of technical issues and design techniques ranging from urban planning to interior design. The School of Architecture building was designed by Emilio Bell, one of the most famous architects in Slovakia in the last century and founder of the school. The room "Aula of Professor Bellus", which is located at the School, is named after him. Modern classrooms, reading rooms, computer rooms and a rich library which houses many books and magazines of international repute are available for students to develop their creative and professional skills.

The Slovak Technical University has special accredited English-speaking programmes for European and international students.
The tuition fees are 5000 Euro per year.
The acceptance procedure has two phases: Initially the supporting qualtifications of the candidates are assessed and then candidates take part in entrance examinations conducted in June or September in Bratislava.

Slovakia is in central Europe. It is a European country bordering the Czech Republic and Austria. Bratislava is about half an hour by car from Vienna. Its airport has several international flights a day, but it is also served by air by Vienna. It is a beautiful city which crosses the Danube, with a beautiful historical center, where the castle of Charles is situated. Bratislava has modern buildings, large shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, clubs and offers accommodation equivalent to other central European cities.