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Education Studies - Universal

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Education Studies
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The Faculty of Education of the State University of Plovdiv is the largest School in the University. It is housed in a new building with modern facilities since 1992. It has about 1500 students and offers programs in early childhood education, primary education and training in physical education.

Various programmes are offered at the University, but the most popular ones are:

1. Primary Education
2. Education Preschool Education
3. Special Education
4. Physical Education and Sport

These programs are offered in the Bulgarian language, as it is necessary to have personal contact with the children during the course of the studies.

A preliminary year at the University, offering courses in the Bulgarian language is mandatory. This year has to be spent at the University, because this way the students are conditioned to the environment of the University, get to know their professors and the educational system. Thus they have no difficulties during their the first year, which is crucial for the overall course.

The cost of the prepartatory year of learning the Bulgarian language is 3000 EUR.

University studies last four years.

The academic year 2010-2011, a number of subsidized jobs in the following disciplines was available.

Primary Education

Preschool Education

Special Education

Physical Education and Sport

Tuition fees for subsidised students are 500 EUR per year.

Universal guarantees to all its students subsidized education for all 4 years of their studies at the Uuniversity.

Graduates from the University of Plovdiv may work as tutors, kindergarten teachers, preschool teachers, physical education teachers, etc.

About Plovdiv

Plovdiv has a history that reaches back to Neolithic times (4000 years BC). It was the ancient Thracian town of Evmolpiass, then the Macedonian city Plovdiv, which was renamed named Pulpudeva when it was taken over by the Thracians. At the time of the Roman Empire was named Trimontium ie town with three hills. The Han dynasties, the Byzantines and the Slavs also reached the city, until it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1364. Nowadays Plovdiv is a beautiful green city, with huge parks, gardens and archaeological sites that show the rich history of the city. Life in Plovdiv has the air of a large European city. After the entry of Bulgaria into the European Union in 2007, hundreds of European and international students study at the University.