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Electrical Engineering
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Technical University in Kosice

The Technical University of Kosice in Slovakia has its roots in the University Universitas Cassoviensis established in Kosice in 1657, but technological education was recognized in Slovakia in 1762, when the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa founded the Academy of Mining in Slovakia. The ore mines in Slovakia gave the opportunity for the development of Science, Research and Technology in Slovakia.

Since 1952 the Technical University of Kosice works with nearly its present structure and new schools are constantly created.
The University is in close cooperation with the largest German companies in Technology Training, Education and Technology.

T-Systems, the leading telecommunications systems company in the world (Information and Communication Technology ICT), part of Deutsche Telekom, announced that in October 2010 out of its 2,011 employees working in the electronics departments, 1,312 are graduates of the Technical University in Kosice.

The University currently operates the following schools each of which has several sections:

1. Mining, Environmental Engineering and Geotechnology

2. Metallurgy
3. Mechanical Engineering

4. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
5. Civil Engineering

6. Finance
7. Production Engineering

8. Academy of Arts
9. Aerospace and Aviation Pilots

Each school has many specialisations.

The number of all undergraduate students in the University is approximately 17,000 and it is one of the largest Universities in Central Europe.

Many specialties are offered in English.

At the undergraduate level, the following specialties are offered in ENGLISH:
1. Electronic Engineer
2. Electrical engineer
3. Computer science 

4. Telecommunications
5. Mechatronics and Control Systems
6. Telecommunications Engineer
7. Traffic Engineer
8. Environmental Engineer
9. Finance and Banking Systems
10. Public Administration and Regional Development
11. Professional Pilot Aviation
12. Air traffic controller
13. Automation Systems
14. Ore Management
15. Alternative energy sources
16. Geotechnical Engineering
17. Water management
18. Mechanical Engineer
19. Mechatronics
20. Production Engineer

The tuition fee is 4500 per year.

Admission through Universal means that success in the exams is assured. Our cooperation with the Technical University began in 2000 and since then it continues with ever better prospects. 

Information about Kosice

Kosice is the second largest city in Slovakia and has the largest airport in the country, with dozens of international flights daily.
It is a university city, with over 20 Universities.
The city has many attractions and historical monuments. Slovakia belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and has many historic buildings and monuments dating hundreds of years ago.
It is a modern city with many shopping malls, modern department stores, supermarkets, international restaurants, entertainment and sports.

The Technological University is 10 minutes away on foot from the picturesque town centre, where the famous fountain that sings is located.