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Masters and PhD Degrees - Universal

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Masters and PhD Degrees
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The State University of Bulgaria offers Doctoral (PhD) and Masters’ Degrees in English

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Education has given the right to all universities to offer courses in English (eg, Medicine, Pharmacy etc.). Today, many Bulgarian universities allow foreign students to submit their theses in the English language. The PhD students communicate with their supervising Professor in English throughout the course of preparing the thesis and the final examination from the Review Committee is also in English.

No attendence of lectures is required to obtain  a doctorate degree.

It is very easy for students to come and go frequently to Bulgaria during their studies.

The great advantage of doing a PhD in Bulgaria is that a PhD candidate may also work abroad and occasionally travel to Bulgaria, depending on the subject chosen, without having to spend time in labs and tutorials.

Studying for a doctorate degree is not considered distance-learning.

Why it is imperative to aquire a PhD Degree today:
1. Today's competitive job market requires the acquisition of more and more academic qualifications.
2. More and more professionals entering the job market hold a doctorate, either from local or from foreign universities.
3. Having a Phd Degree is necessary for an academic or research career.
4. It is considered a great asset for someone who wants to teach as a professor in secondary education (eg professor at a private school), in vocational training institutes etc.
5. Ph.D. holders have more opportunities in the private business sector.

Positions for doctoral students in othe European countries are extremely limited. Being admitted in a European University for a doctoral degree is almost impossible without the necessary academic references and the similarity of the candidate's research proposal with the research interests of the supervisor.


1. Preparation of the application for the University

2. Translation of all documents in Bulgarian

3. Validation of documents by the Ministry of Education of Bulgaria, a process which is extremely complicated.

4. Direct contact of the candidate with the appropriate University professor

5. Subscription to the  University

6. Creation of a personal plan of visits at the University for the candidate according to his obligations

7. Scientific support in the preparation of the thesis

Universal Educational Institute has secured an exclusive partnership with the Universities of Bulgaria for a doctoral degree in the following disciplines

Scientific Fields for PhD Studies


*Ancient History / Prehistory

* History of the Middle Ages
* Modern history
* History of Bulgaria


* Theory and History of Culture
* Science palaeography-archiving


* Sociology


* Educational Psychology
* Psychology of old age
* Work and vocational psychology


* Criminal Law
* Administrative Law
* Labor Law
* Civil and Family Law
* International Law and International Relations


* Theory and Methods of Physical Education and Sport


* Information Systems and Networks
* Computer science


* Economics and Tourist Management
* Industrial Management and Economics
* Organization and Management on a socio-cultural level
* Finance, insurance


* Organic Chemistry
* Inorganic Chemistry


* Theory of education and teaching
* Methods of teaching (in all fields of science)
* History of the Bulgarian education and pedagogy


* Theory of Science

The PhD studies last 3 years, require a Master’s degree and the tuition fees are 3500 EUR per year.

Scientific Fields for Masters Degrees


Speech Therapy
International Relations
International Tourism
International Economic Relations
English Literature
Balkan Studies

Studying for a Master’s Degree lasts 1 year and the cost is 3200 EUR.
Select the field that you are interested in and contact +30210 3821575.