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Medicine in Germany - Universal

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Medicine in Germany
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Pre medical programme  in  Germany
Berlin  Medical  College

For direct entrance in  Medicine , Dentistry , Veterinary Medicine  

in Germany , Italy , Hungary , Poland , Czech Republic , Slovakia , Romania , Latvia , Lithuania , Estonia , Croatia , Serbia , Ukraine , Russia , Belarus

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Medical College in Berlin provides pre-medical courses for students who want to apply for a medical course in European Universities.

Students can start either in January or in June. 

The course is an intensive 20-week course and prepares students for entrance exams in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. 

The curriculum is very similar to that of the first year of Medicine. It includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology of human systems. 

The Pre – Medicine Course includes 400 academic hours in total and is held on three days a week. 

All courses are taught in English 

The exams are similar to those of the first semester of Medical Schools. 

Students who pass the pre-medical programme  with 70% and better, will definitely pass any 

admission test of Medical Universities 

Students have the choice to  take  the  pre-medical  exams  in  English  or  German  language 

 (in  order  to  prepare  for  the  German HAM-Nat admission test, some students prefer to take the exams in German language). 

They  also offer German-language courses in the Berlin campus.

The  students  can  take  the admission  exams  in  Berlin. 

University  representatives  will  visit the College  in Berlin to offer their official admission exams right there. So  there will be no need for students to travel from one country to another.  

The pre-medical diploma  is  valid  in  all  medical  universities  that  require  a  previous  educational background in scientific subjects in order to be admitted. 

Medical    College  is  well  known  and  recognized  by  the  most prestigious Medical Universities in Central Eastern Europe. 

It is the most recommended preparation school in Germany . University representatives from all over Europe visit the  school in Berlin to introduce their  universities,  so  students  will  have  the  chance  to  get  to  know  many  options  for  their  medical studies. They  organize visits to some universities near Berlin as well. 

The total cost is  4900 EUR.

In early admission it is 4300 EUR. Payment can be made in up to five  instalments.

The  early  admission  discount  applies  if  the  first instalment is paid before the end of the "early admission period ". 

They also help you in finding accommodation  

Medicine in Germany 

Following the rapid economic growth of Germany during the last years there is  a great demand for Medical studies and Medical specializations in Germany

In order for a student to be accepted for undergraduate studies and for a Medical doctor to be accepted for specialization , very good knowledge of German language is required

Οι μετακινήσεις με τα μέσα μαζικής μεταφοράς είναι δωρεάν για τους φοιτητές.

Bonn is one of the most beautiful cities of Germany

It is an ancient city with a history of 2000 years

Art and science flourished in the city with great personalities living and working there , such as the great composer Beethoven

Bonn was the capital city of West Germany before 1989

Bonn is at  small distance from  other important European countries such as  Belgium , France , Netherlands and Luxemburg

Twelve of United Nations organizations have their headquarters in Bonn

Many airline companies fly directly  to and from Bonn making the city an important European hub

The Universities are ranked among the best EU Universities

In to be prepared for a certificate in German language , a preparatory year is required

Universal runs a preparatory progamme in Bonn in collaboration with experts in preparing University applicants and applicants for Medical registrars.

Details of the programme:

For beginners :  34 week programme/20 hours per week . The cost of this programme is 4995  EUR

For intermediate knowledge of the German language :  8 weeks /20hours per week . The cost of this programme is 1390 EUR

Intensive programme : 10 weeks at B2 level , followed  by a 8 week programme at C1 level and preparation for the TestDaf . The cost of this programme is 2770 EUR

There are available flats for accommodation of the students with a cost of about 250 EUR per month . The School helps the student to find private accommodation with an extra cost of   300 EUR

Transfer from the airport to the accommodation is 75 EUR