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Medicine in Romania - Targu Mures - Universal

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Medicine in Romania - Targu Mures
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There are many medical, dental and pharmaceautical faculties in Romania. In most of them there are also English-language programs. For studies in Pharmacy, the state gave permission for the operation of an English-speaking program in 2009.

Universities in Romania offer high quality education. A famous graduate of the University of Bucharest is Palade, who got the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Some of the most famous and skilled doctors in the world have graduated from the Romanian Universities.
There are many medical, dental and pharmaceautical faculties in Romania. In most of them there are also English-language sections.

Medicine - Dentistry  in Cluj  


Cluj Napoca is a beautiful city, perhaps the most beautiful city in Romania, very European in character and appearance.

There are medieval buildings in the city since it was part of the Hungarian Empire and was inhabited by Hungarians, Saxons and Romanians.
The city is located in the western part of Romania, near the border with Hungary.
Cluj was one of the most flourishing cities from the era of the Roman Empire until the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The city is considered the safest city in Romania, with almost zero crime rate, with an unemployment rate of 3%, and the best conditions for student life.
Major shopping centers such as the Iulius Mall, and the city’s international airport with many international flights daily, make foreign students feel comfortable in the city.

The University has a long tradition of medical and pharmaceutical studies.

Studies at the University of Cluj are evaluated in international ranking sites as being better than their equivalent in Bucharest and in Iasi.

The Medical University dates back to the Middle Ages and it has evolved into a university with worldwide recognition.
Today it has about 10,000 students, among which there are currently many international students.
The University constantly renews their curricula in order to keep up to date with new developments in science.
The University "Iuliu Hatieganu" in Cluj (Cluj) has one of the largest libraries in Romania.

Studies in Cluj are officially recognized by all European countries.
Cluj, which has been one of the most flourishing cities from the era of the Roman Empire until the Austro-Hungarian Empire, has a tradition of Medical studies . 

The tuition fees are 5000 euros per year.

From the second year onwards, students with good grades are entitled to a scholarship, that covers half of the tuition fees,
ie tuition is 2500 euros.
Admission to the course is without examinations, only through the evaluation and ranking of the applicants.

Medicine - Dentistry in Iasi


The city of Iasi is one of the oldest cities in Romania, known for its great economic and cultural development during the Middle Ages and the Ottoman rule.
Population is about 350,000 inhabitants and it is the second largest city of Romania.
Iasi airport has several flights a day and connects to many cities in Europe.
The University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) was established in 1879

Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy School 

The academic year lasts 30 weeks, beginning on October 1 and ending on July 8, when all exams, regular and repetitive, have been completed. Lectures are interrupted for the Christmas holidays and Easter.
The academic year is divided into two semesters of 15 weeks. Each semester is followed by an examination period (Winter period: January-February, Summer period: June-July, respectively).
The library has more than 400,000 volumes and it is connected with all the electronic libraries of the world.

The Medical University of Iasi in the academic year 2009-2010 consisted of  a total of 10,000 professors and students , 6910 undergraduates ,  316 graduate students , 964 doctoral students

Rent prices in Iasi are comparatively cheaper than in other cities.
Many foreign students study at the Medical School and the School of Pharmacy each year.
Universal provides students admission to the University and helps them with the registration process and accommodation.
The University of Iasi has an english-speaking department in Medicine, and since 2009, in Dental Medicine and Pharmacy.

Tuition fees : 5000   EUR per year in three installments  

Major Universities in Germany, France, Italy etc. have collaboration with the University of Iasi and send their students for summer internships in Iasi hospitals because they do not have enough capacity for education in their own hospitals. This collaboration will expand this year to universities in Switzerland, Sweden and Finland (the names of the universities are listed in their website).

A large number of graduates received a scholarship for a doctorate degree in European Universities


Medicine in Constanta






Constanta is a beautiful seaside city on the Black Sea. A city with deep Greek roots since the ancient Greek years, it was originally named Tomis, but during Byzantine times the emperor Constantine gave the city his name.

In the northern part of town you can find the famous "Mamaia," a seven kilometer long beach with a million tourists a year, known as the Riviera of the Black Sea. Further north is the beautiful Danube Delta. In the city there are many large parks and gardens. The city is vibrant, appropriate for young students.

Major banks and other global chains such as McDonalds and KFC are present, as well as internationally renowned department stores, libraries, entertainment, exhibition centers, which make the city suitable for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

The Medical University of Constanta is the most dynamic medical school in Romania and is chosen by students from all parts of the world.
It is housed in a new building built with the most modern standards, in a park on the Alea Universitatii street. The New University Campus was founded in 2008 and is the largest and most modern University Campus in Romania and in Southeastern Europe.

Only the Medical School has an english-speaking section. The other schools have only Romanian sections. Currently all non-Romanians study in the English-speaking section, because everyone knows that they have a great advantage as future scientists if they are academically trained in English.

Having studied in the Medical School of Constanta is an invaluable asset to a brilliant career in the medical field.

The tuition fees are 5000 per year

Admission to the programme is based upon successfylly passing entrance exams in English 

Rents on apartments ranging from 400 to 500 euros per month.
Universal provides you with immediate admission to University. Transfers from universities in Italy, Hungary and Czech Republic are also possible.

Medicine in Craiova

The city of Craiova is a  “University City”.

It is the close to the Bulgarian borders and about 500 Km from Thessaloniki.

It has an international airport with many international flights.

Many churches and Medieval buildings are all around the City. The Church of Cosuna Monastery goes back to the 15th century. There are many Museums with exhibits from the ancient centuries until the Romanian and the Byzantine period and today.

The park of Nicolae   Romanescu  is considered to be a real oasis. It is a monument of the country for the Architecture of landscape design. Designed by a French Architect has won the gold medal in 1900 for the best park of Europe. It is worthwhile for somebody to visit the Botanical gardens.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova consists of four Faculties

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Nursing

Tuition fees are 5000 EUR per year 


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