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Physiotherapy - Universal

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There are currently courses in Physiotherapy in the following countries:



National Sports Academy "King Levski", Sofia

The program in Kinesiotherapy / Physiotherapy at the The National Sports Academy "King Levski" in Sofia started in 1947 and has successfully trained professionals for 50 consecutive years. Studying for a Physiotherapy / Kinesiotherapy degree takes four years. Bulgaria is among the first countries in the world that established a four-year curriculum in Physiotherapy.
The program is offered in the Bulgarian language, as it is necessary to have personal contact with the patient during the course of the studies. Candidates are thus required to attend a nine-month Bulgarian language course at the University.

The cost of the course is 3000 EUR.

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Czech Republic

The Charles University in Prague operates an English-speaking course for about 15 years. It is operated by the School of Physiotherapy and Gymnastics Academy. The course lasts 3 years leading to BSc Physiotherapist.

Universal made collaboration agreements with Charles University 15 years ago and since then it has helped a great many students to enroll at the University and complete their studies successfully. They are all now successful professional Physiotherapists.

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