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Bachelor of Dentistry in Romania now available in English - Universal

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Dental Medicine in Romania

There are many medical, dental and pharmaceautical faculties in Romania. In most of them there are also English-language sections. Information about the medical and dental schools in Iasi and in Cluj are given here.


* The city of Iasi is one of the oldest cities in Romania, known for its great economic and cultural development during the Middle Ages and the Ottoman rule.
* Population is about 350,000 inhabitants and it is the second largest city of Romania.
* Iasi airport has several flights a day and connects to many cities in Europe.

The University "Gr. Popa" in Iasi

* The University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) was established in 1879
* It has Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Schools.
* Since the academic year 2009/2010 there were changes in tuition fees at universities in Romania and the admission system for European students. The tuition for the students who will be enrolled in September 2010 is 5000 EUR per year.
* The academic year lasts 30 weeks, beginning on October 1 and ending on July 8, when all exams, regular and repetitive, have been completed. Lectures are interrupted for the Christmas holidays and Easter.
* The academic year is divided into two semesters of 15 weeks. Each semester is followed by an examination period (Winter period: January-February, Summer period: June-July, respectively).

The library has more than 400,000 volumes and it is connected with all the electronic libraries of the world.

* The Medical University of Iasi in the academic year 2009-2010 consisted of

a total of 10,000 professors and students, 6910 undergraduates, 316 graduate students, and 964 doctoral students.
* Rent prices in Iasi are comparatively cheaper than in other cities.
* Many foreign students study at the Medical School and the School of Pharmacy each year.
* Universal provides students admission to the University and helps them with the registration process and accommodation.

The University of Iasi has an english-speaking department in Medicine, and since 2009, in Dental Medicine and Pharmacy.

The University library has more than 400,000 volumes and is connected to all the electronic libraries of the world.

Major Universities in Germany, France, Italy etc. have collaboration with the University of Iasi and send their students for summer internships in Iasi hospitals because they do not have enough capacity for education in their own hospitals. This collaboration will expand this year to universities in Switzerland, Sweden and Finland.
A large number of graduates received a scholarship for a doctorate degree in European Universities

Dental School in Iasi

o The Dental School is located next to the Medical School.
o The fees are 5000 per year
o The largest University Hospital is also near the university and there is also the Dental Polyclinic where dental students do their internships.
o Studies in Dentistry last 6 years.


Dental Medicine at the University of Cluj

The University "Iuliu Hatieganu" in Cluj Napoca in Romania is a state university and operated since 1919 under the name University of Cluj.

The University provides high-level courses in many disciplines of Health Sciences.

There are degrees offered in English and French for Medicine and Dentistry and the studies last 6 years.

Tuition for the English section is 5000 EUR per year.