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study medicine in United Kingdom
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Medicine – Dentistry in England 

Great Britain has a great tradition in Medical studies. Many of the most important advances in Medical Science originated in the UK.

Career Prospects for Medical and Dental graduates of British Universities

There is a great need for medical personnel in hospitals and clinics in Great Britain. There are numerous advertisements every day in European newspapers requesting medical and dental staff in Great Britain.
The National Health Services website in Great Britain advertises for numerous new positions for Doctors at:  http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/

Entrance to Medical and Dental Schools in Great Britain

All Medical and Dental Universities in Britain now request the ukcat test for admission.

An excellent High School Diploma or A- Levels, or a high score in the International Baccalaureate (IB) are NOT enough for admission to Medical or Dental Schools in England or Scotland. This is immediately obvious by visiting the Official British University Admissions Website http://www.ucas.ac.uk

We prepare our candidates for the ukcat test.

The ukcat test takes place in the beginning of October each year and the results are announced shortly.
The last date for application to Medical and Dental Universities in Great Britain is 15th October of the year prior to the beginning of studies.


During the summer, the candidate attends a foundation programme. An interview via skype is arranged in late June by the Pre-Medical School in England. From September till the following June, the candidate attends a pre-medical course in England and in October of that year he/she takes the ukcat test.

The tuition fees of the pre-medical programme are approximately £14,000.  However, in Great Britain, Medical studies last only 5 years, while in all other countries last 6 years. Therefore the student does not waste any time by attending the pre-medical course.
After the student completes the pre-medical year successfully, he is awarded a one-year certificate (Certificate of Higher Education) from a British University.


Universal Educational Institute ensures the acceptance of the student into the pre-medical program in London.